Silly man

Silly man

Silly man was licking an Ice Cream,

very slowly, so delicate,

with respect and devotion,

these Ice Cream was his passion;

One day, Ice Cream  says:

“I go into town for a while, you stay here”

Ice Cream, while walking,

in the evening or morning
to anyone who asks, offers a lick;

When Silly man comes to know,
Ice Cream says:” Why not?
I was born Ice Cream,
to be licked, I was born,
why do you claim the exclusive?
You have not even the VAT!”

and Silly man, disappointed, once again:
” Because the whipped cream by others,
when I see it, my stomach turned,
and an Ice Cream, licked by many,
is full of germs, it’s contaminated “
now, the Ice Cream is there on the ground, melted,
and everyone who passes, over it.